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At Fox Chiropractic, P.S., is serving Greater Seattle Area. We provide treatment for several conditions. Look at some of the most common examples below!

Chiropractic Conditions Treated

As a chiropractic practice, we take great pride in the variety of conditions that we can treat. When you work with a chiropractor from our team, you receive care from someone who has had four years of chiropractic training after finishing college. That means that you are going to receive care from someone who is an expert in how the body can heal itself naturally. To that end, we can treat a wide variety of conditions. Some of the most common conditions that we treat include:

Herniated Disc: One of the most common conditions that we treat is a herniated disc. The spine is separated by small discs that act as cushions. Sometimes, these cushions end up rupturing. This causes the liquid to seep out of the disc and run down the spinal cord. The result is shooting pains that travel down the legs. Some people might think they need surgery to fix this condition; however, we might be able to keep the patient out of the operating room.

Neck Pain: Neck pain is another common issue that we see regularly. Some people have neck pain following an auto accident. This is usually due to a sprain of the cervical ligaments. Other people have neck pain due to poor posture. Regardless of the reason why we will take the time to look at someone’s neck from pain top to bottom. Then, we will come up with a plan to address it.

Knee Pain: Many people think of a chiropractor as someone who specializes in back pain. While we certainly see plenty of back pain in our office, we can treat a variety of other conditions as well. This includes knee pain. Whether this is an injury that was sustained in a workplace accident, on a sporting field, or even in a car accident, we can treat someone’s knee pain quickly and efficiently using manual therapy.

SciaticaSciatica is one of the most common causes of back pain that we see. This presents as pain that leaves the back and travels down the legs. This can lead to numbness, tingling, and weakness. 

Some of the other common conditions we treat include scoliosis, osteoarthritis, and auto accident injuries. We can use chiropractic adjustments, extremity adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and cold laser therapy to help our patients.

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