Extremity Adjustments

When most people think about a chiropractor, they envision a doctor whose main focus is the spine. While the maintenance and treatment of the spine is at the core of a chiropractor’s practice, these specialists can also treat conditions that affect other areas. At Fox Chiropractic, P.S. our chiropractor works in several treatment modalities, including extremity adjustments for common conditions like sprains and carpal tunnel syndrome. We have years of experience providing these adjustments to residents of Seattle, as well as serving the Wedgwood & Viewridge areas. Extremity adjustments offer many benefits to those who have to contend with chronic extremity pain. Here is some more information about extremity adjustments.


What Exactly Are Extremity Adjustments?

Extremity adjustment treatment primarily focuses on joints, ligaments, and bones in the arms, legs, feet, and hands. Our chiropractor uses these adjustments to help relieve everyday stresses in these extremities placed upon them by day-to-day living. Extremity adjustments are also used to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with chronic medical conditions, traumatic injuries, and falls. An extremity adjustment is a targeted therapy and is often used in conjunction with other chiropractic treatment modalities, like therapeutic stretches and exercises, active release techniques, and custom orthotics. 

Who Can Benefit From Extremity Adjustments?

Because extremity adjustments are holistic forms of treatment, they do not involve the use of prescription medication. This makes extremity adjustment a highly desirable treatment option when looking for targeted pain relief. Another benefit of extremity adjustment is that it is administered precisely to the affected area. For many patients, this is much more effective than receiving spinal adjustments alone. These factors make extremity adjustments a safe and effective treatment option for people of all ages. In short, anyone can benefit from extremity adjustments.

Serving Wedgwood, & Viewridge

Before beginning treatment, our chiropractor will conduct a thorough examination of your musculoskeletal health including x-rays, a physical, and an assessment of your medical history. This comprehensive examination will inform the chiropractic treatment plan we create for you. At Fox Chiropractic, P.S., we have years of experience providing extremity adjustment treatment to Seattle, Wedgwood, Viewridge, and the surrounding areas. If you have questions about extremity adjustments or would like to schedule an appointment, call us at (206) 522-6339 or visit us online.

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